Fleets of cars

One wonders why it’s not heard of in Europe that Mayors have fleets of cars. Instead, what we see in most European countries, is a working health care system, a flourishing educational sector, and availability of essential infrastructure. This is coming from a backdrop of Nigeria’s appalling situation where their equivalents, i.e., state governors, don’t only have fleets of cars, but they also own private jets, acquire tens and, without exaggerating, hundreds of properties home and abroad, while they still boast of investments running into several billions of dollars at the expense of the masses. We see a decaying educational sector, dilapidating health care system and non-existing necessary infrastructure, among other rots in the states. Other sarcastic questions that come to mind again are, ‘Could it be that state governors in Nigeria are more educated and developed than their European counterparts to have been able to afford all this luxury?’ Or, ‘Could it be that these governors were very rich before they got elected into office?’ Or, ‘Could it be that they siphoned public funds meant for infrastructural development, provision of social amenities, among other things, and converted them for their personal use?’ Isn’t this a situation of Nigerian politicians living large instead of serving the people?

One challenge I would like to throw to every public office holder from 1999 to date is that they should publish the TAX payment documents of all income, they and their families have accrued since they assumed their different offices. The penalty for default, should be that all properties procured equalling the extent of their tax defaults, should be confiscated from the defaulters. The proceeds from the sale of such properties should then be used to cater for the gross infrastructural deficit experienced in the country. Contrast this with the fractions in relative terms, used to train Nigerians to become economically viable in the modern-day tech world. I believe this massive step will show that the government is serious about fight against corruption. What are your thoughts on this suggestion?