FREE Courses

Join hands with us. Currently, we have many lecturers in our workforce, but we still lack lecturers in many areas. We hope to get sufficient support that will enable us to hire more lecturers to fill the gaps where there are shortages. Therefore, your support will significantly help.

We have designed a couple of free courses on programming languages to help equip a few persons with knowledge that is relevant in the 21st century. We intend to support them to turn their knowledge into good sources of income.

Programming languages are numerous informative codes that are designed by human experts and installed into computers in order to optimize and modify their use. They are just the command languages that our computers understand and use to communicate back to us.

Understanding these languages and designing them has become one of the most rated skills in the 21st century and the paucity of programming experts has made it a lucrative niche with high demand such that people who have these skills now work across national and continental borders without even the necessity for physical contact. The major reason behind this paucity of experts is the fact that learning and understanding these code languages takes time and requires great commitment which many persons are not yet willing to give. However, like every other knowledge we ever acquired, we become better when we begin and take on a consistent ride in our learning path.

We want to clearly state that all funds raised in respect of this Project, is not a personal belonging of any person/individual or group of individuals. It is solely for the actualization of the envisaged project.